Our Family

Our Family
Kanin, Korbyn & Tina

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 Years ago

Two years ago I gave birth to a wonderfully amazing little boy! Korbyn made his stubborn entrance into the world via c-section on my induction day. I was scheduled to be induced on 4-14 because my hospital does not allow VBAC's if you go over due and my due date was 4-16. The day of the 14th Kanin and I spent with my mom playing at the park and having supper at the Chieftain, all the while I was having sporadic contractions and not paying much attention to them. Finally about midnight that night, I decided it was time to head to Bismarck. After my arrival they decided I he was breech (and I had dilated to 7 the last time they checked me). So off to another c-section.

He was stubborn then, and continues to be so now! I would not trade him in for the world!! If it weren't for my 2 boys, I don't know where I could be after crazy 2 hears I have had!

Can't believe 2 years has passed! It is crazy!! He is talking so much more, though most people still have a hard time understanding him!! He is still missing this front middle tooth. I did have him to the dentist once to check it out but he would not sit still for an x-ray. So i may try to take him back sometime in the next few months!

He defiantly does well running around and keeping up with his brother! As for defending himself, it is no issue anymore..someday's I have to ask myself who is the big brother, because Korbyn can dish it right back!!

We are looking forward to heading to Bismarck this weekend to celebrate with family and friends, but until then, enjoy a few pictures from today!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Beds!!

Well a HUGE THANKS to Bapa (aka dad) the boys have moved into their new bunk beds!! They love them, as do I! They are a PITA to make but oh well!! Naptime has been horrid for them, primarily Korbyn (so much that it resulted in a bump in the head today from me putting him in the bed...man did I/do I feel awful about it!).

Along with the new bed came problems though! When I went to move Kanin's bed on Friday night to clean out under it, I found water on the floor (the landlord had been buy earlier in the evening and asked if I had any because there had been problems). So I would say not quite a quarter of their floor had water on it by the time Sunday rolled around. Today is the first day it is dry, so hopefully on Friday I can completely put their room back together!!

So to end this, I will add a couple more pictures! One of each of them sleeping..too cute to pass up!

*OKAY* so I have no clue how to get the picture where I want them...grr..I wanted them at the end and the showed up at the top...even if I click behind my last text they show up on top!! GRRR!!! Oh well...hope it is readable for you all!!