Our Family

Our Family
Kanin, Korbyn & Tina

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Beds!!

Well a HUGE THANKS to Bapa (aka dad) the boys have moved into their new bunk beds!! They love them, as do I! They are a PITA to make but oh well!! Naptime has been horrid for them, primarily Korbyn (so much that it resulted in a bump in the head today from me putting him in the bed...man did I/do I feel awful about it!).

Along with the new bed came problems though! When I went to move Kanin's bed on Friday night to clean out under it, I found water on the floor (the landlord had been buy earlier in the evening and asked if I had any because there had been problems). So I would say not quite a quarter of their floor had water on it by the time Sunday rolled around. Today is the first day it is dry, so hopefully on Friday I can completely put their room back together!!

So to end this, I will add a couple more pictures! One of each of them sleeping..too cute to pass up!

*OKAY* so I have no clue how to get the picture where I want them...grr..I wanted them at the end and the showed up at the top...even if I click behind my last text they show up on top!! GRRR!!! Oh well...hope it is readable for you all!!

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