Our Family

Our Family
Kanin, Korbyn & Tina

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Funny how I said I wanted to keep this up, yet, I haven't once again. Maybe this time I will....If I get off track again, give me a swift kick in the butt and I will get back at it!

We will start at the beginning....

Me, I am the same as usual. Busy working and taking care of the boys. Took a slight cut in hours at work due to low census status, but everyone did. Hope we an make it up soon, but we just don't have a line of people waiting at this time to be admitted to the home....

Kanin, he is in Preschool and seems to be doing well. He is still busy as usual and rarely sits still for any extended period of time, he always has to be doing something! He also goes to Sunday School everyother Sunday. He has only gone once so far (tried to take him this Sunday and he cried and cried and wouldn't let Korbyn and I leave without him.

Korbyn he is busy as usual too. He seems to be just as busy as his brother. He is defiantly in the full blown terrible 2's. As well as being in a super whiny stage at the same time. He wants to go to school with Kanin all the time again, so hopefully next year I will put him in pre-school!

Both boys are growing like weeds and have pretty much outgrown all their pants, thankfully for Kanin we picked up pants the next size up so he has some...looks as if my little Korbyn will be in 3T's! Kanin is in a 5T or even a 6! It is crazy shopping in the Boy's section for Kanin instead of the Toddler!!

Until next time....

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