Our Family

Our Family
Kanin, Korbyn & Tina

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kanin has been scared a lot lately. Of what I am not too sure. When Sunday school started, he missed the first day because he was with his dad. So the next week I took him and he loved it and was all excited to come home and tell me all about it! He told me how they learned to pray at meal time, in his words, "just like we do at bedtime mommy". So needless to say that day for dinner and supper we said their bedtime prayer at mealtime too!

Because they go to Fargo every other weekend, he only gets to go to Sunday school every other Sunday. Well the next 2 Sunday's he was supposed to go to Sunday School, he cried and held onto me for dear life begging to go because he was scared. Of what, I am not too sure, as he would not tell me.

So that brings us to Preschool this Tuesday. Grandpa was taking him to school, and half way there, he started sobbing hysterically, saying he was scared and didn't want to go to school. He wouldn't tell Grandpa what he was scared of. So he just ended up missing a day of school and going to daycare. When I went to pick them up from mom and dad's that night, he and I sat down and talked. When I asked him what he was scared of, he said the snow. He told me the snow at the school scared him. When I asked why, he said because. Mind you, this is the kid that will usually play outside all day long, no matter what the weather!

Now today when I took him to school, there was no fighting, no crying, nothing. As we were walking up to the door, he told me the snow was all gone so he wasn't scared anymore. When I asked where the snow was he pointed to the left (direction of the church on the opposite side of the school). So it is not like the snow was blocking the windows of the school or anything, so I have no idea.

So here I sit on pins and needle nervous, hoping he has a good day in school!

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